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BACI di LIMONE is a specially-produced, premier lemon liqueur. It is made by the infusion process which involves soaking the lemons zest in high grade alcohol for weeks. Then, sugar, water, and other ingredients are added. Finally, it is bottled in our unique, handcrafted, and trademarked bottle and affixed with our trademarked name.

BACI di LIMONE is traditionally served straight form the freezer, but it is also delicious in cocktails, over ice cream or fresh fruit, and in food recipes. Marinate shrimp or chicken in it before grilling or stir-frying. Its bright yellow color and wonderfully intense lemon aroma invite you to savour its smooth, full flavor.

Our Company, G, G, And G Ltd, came into being in 1998 for the purpose of bringing the very best Italian Liqueurs to the world.

According to ancient Italian tradition, only kings and princes could own the specially-grown and selected sun-ripened lemons from which BACI di LIMONE lemon liqueur is made.

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Baci di Limone

Our research led us to a producer whose family has lived in the lush farming area around Naples since the year 1000.